In Memory of our Nanay

Annabella Ignacio

May 18, 1944 - March 27, 2008

Our Nanay

'Nanay' is a Tagalog|Filipino word for Mom.  We named our Store 'Nanay's Store' in memory of my grandmother, Annabella as everyone called her Nanay.  Our Nanay passed away March 27, 2008 due to pancreatic cancer.  Her passing was just one of many reasons why my mom, Theresa got into promoting health and wellness.

My mom, Theresa grew up in the Philippines.  Our Nanay had a small general store in the Philippines.  My mom always wanted to have her own business as she hoped that someday, her children will take over the business.  She believes and hopes that this is one type of business that will go a long way.  One of my uncles in the Philippines, Luisito Ignacio has his own general store in the Philippines as well.

Meet our Family


Eric Laranang

CEO | President

Eric and Matthew were born in California.  They moved to New England the year of 2005.  Eric was 14 and Matthew was only 5 years old.  He has two younger brothers, Matthew - 16 years old and Reihly - 6 years old.  They are living with their mother, Theresa Hickey in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.  Eric has always been there for his mom and his brothers to help when is needed.  He has been a good role model for his younger brothers.  His brothers call him 'Kuya Eric'.


Reihly Hickey & Matthew Laranang

Eric's Younger Brothers

Reihly is 6 years old and a first grader at Community School in North Attleboro.  Matthew is a sophomore at North Attleboro High School.


Theresa Hickey with late husband, Mark Hickey and our Nanay

Theresa originally started Nanay's Store and Services as a sole proprietor back in 2012 in Mansfield, Massachusetts as a small health food store with her husband, Mark Hickey.  Since her car accident in November 2012 and her husband's diagnosis in December 2012; then losing him to colon cancer in October 2014, her son, Eric took over the store that was in North Attleboro in 2014.  Eric decided to move the North Attleboro store to Warwick, Rhode Island in September 2015 as they get more traffic|customers.  The Warwick store is a lot bigger than the North Attleboro as well.

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